Rosanna Roces, son Onyok reconcile after more than 7 years: ‘Na-realize ko na hindi mo talaga puwede talikuran ang pamilya’

Image via Jennifer Cruz Adriano | Facebook
  • Rosanna Roces and son, Onyok Adriano, have finally reconciled after more than seven years of not seeing each other
  • They patched things up at the house of Rosanna’s daughter after having casual conversations
  • In 2013, the mother and son had a conflict because Rosanna was not in favor of Onyok’s girlfriend

“Time heals all wounds,” they say. The pandemic could even be the best timing to patch up long overdue conflicts since a worry-free heart lessens the burden we are facing.

Image via Jennifer Cruz Adriano | Facebook

For Rosanna Roces, 48, and son Dennis Robert “Onyok” Adriano, 30, the feud is over after seven years and a half of cold relationship. The former actress posted a photo of her with Onyok on October 4 and captioned it,” Tapos ang kwento!!” This was followed by a confirmation of Onyok at PEP.

Onyok shared that he and his mom decided to meet up at his sister’s house. Rosanna has a daughter named Grace, who used to be in a relationship with Jolo Revilla. There were casual greetings at first then the reconciliation went smoothly. Both parties have forgiven each other.

He now feels better that he does not have to carry any heartache anymore and he considered this as one of the best things that happened in his life.

He said in an interview with PEP, “Na-realize ko na hindi mo talaga puwede talikuran ang pamilya.”

Image via Jennifer Cruz Adriano | Facebook

Back in March 2013, Rosanna and Onyok had a controversial rift which was believed to be because the actress disapproved of her son’s girlfriend. She shared what happened on her social media account and confirmed that the encounter has even gone physical.

The former actress let out harsh words on her son. Onyok had previously asked for forgiveness, but she shooed him out of the house.

However, after a year, Onyok denied her mom’s story of getting physical and only admitted that there was indeed a heated argument. But that’s all in the past now.

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