Sandara Park reveals she had a dating ban during her 2NE1 days: Apologizes to past boyfriends

Image via daraxxi | Instagram
  • Sandara Park unveiled in a show that a dating ban was imposed on her during her 2NE1 days
  • When she was a trainee, her cellphone was taken away for being in a relationship
  • She apologized to her ex-boyfriends because it had been difficult for them at that time

Sandara Park may have achieved a peak in her career during her 2NE1 days, but she revealed an aspect in her life that she sacrificed in exchange for it.

Image via daraxxi | Instagram

According to Soompi, Sandara was a guest in the KBS JOY’s “Love Intervention,” where she opened about her past relationships.

She said, “I’ve been in ‘untact’ (non-face-to-face contact) relationships even before COVID-19.”

She added that when she was a trainee, she was scolded for being in a relationship that her manager took away her cellphone. And it got stricter when she debuted.

“Then, after I debuted, there was a five-year dating ban.” The idol submitted herself to it. But surprisingly, she was the only one not dating.

It was just recently that the 35-year-old Dara decided to date actively. “All I needed was a will to be more assertive. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my ex-boyfriends,” she said and the audience burst into laughter.

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Dating bans are common among K-pop idols. Other managements would impose at least 3 years of dating ban and gradually lift it until the idol reaches a certain amount of money. But moreover, the ban is also to let them focus on their careers and avoid distractions. Plus, dating rumors could negatively impact an idol, as sometimes fans are so possessive. Once an idol is into a relationship, he or she may be considered “unattractive”.

Sandara Park made her debut in the Philippines after being a runner up in Star Circle Quest in 2004. Known as the Pambansang Krung-Krung in the country, she had a successful career until she went back to Korea in 2007. In 2009, she became a part of the girl group 2NE1. They disbanded in 2016.

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