From scraps to masterpieces: Husband learns new craft this quarantine and the results are amazing

Image via Ruth Camila | Facebook
  • A couple made their quarantine worthwhile by doing household projects they never expect they could make
  • The husband got some wood scrap materials and plywood that were about to be junked and turned it into amazing furniture projects
  • He did not have any knowledge in carpentry but was able to make it with willingness and some research

What have you gained this quarantine so far? Maybe a new hobby?

Image via Ruth Camila | Facebook

A husband transformed some wood scrap materials into amazing projects and his wife couldn’t be any prouder of him.

Ruth Camila shared in an FB group her husband’s lovely masterpieces. What’s surprising is that he does not have any previous knowledge in woodworks or carpentry, but judging at his work, he is doing a great job.

She said in her post, ”Hindi mahilig sa ganyan yung husband ko, natuto na lang po siya nung nag-lockdown.”

Ruth said they got bored during quarantine at home and so her husband, who works as an engineer in a cement company, got some scrap palette and plywood from his workplace. They got inspiration from Pinterest. Out of those junk materials, he made plant stands, study tables, shoe rack and more. They also utilized old existing furniture and gave it a new look for another purpose. And since buying pots for plants would be an additional cost for their collection, they made their own cement pots using old shirts.

Ruth was so pleased to see the fruit of their quarantine efforts.

Image via Ruth Camila | Facebook

“Ang sarap sa pakiramdam pag nakikita naming maraming nagagandahan sa gawa niya. Sobrang na-enjoy na din niya ang pagkakarpintero. Ang laking tipid pala pag marunong sa ganitong bagay ‘yung asawa mo.”

So whenever they have an extra budget, she allocates it for her husband’s carpentry tools.

Many asked if they accept job orders, but they are not ready yet to cater to it. Her husband wants to invest in more tools first to ensure quality in his work.

We all have hidden talents waiting to be discovered and nurtured. This quarantine is one of the best times to find our niche. All it needs is our attention and determination!

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