Self-disinfecting face mask arrives in the Philippine market; reusable and can be washed up to 50 times

Image via Fine Guard | Facebook
  • Finally, a mask which can eliminate the virus on its own arrived in the Philippine market
  • By using positively charged ions, the virus is deactivated as it attaches to the fabric
  • The mask is reusable and can be washed up to 50 times

Ever wondered if there are masks that can eliminate the viruses on its own? Yes, there is.

Image via Fine Guard website

Fine Guard reusable face masks are now available in the PH market. Manufactured by Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), a maker of hygiene products in the Middle East and North America region, these masks are self-disinfecting and eliminates including the COVID-19 virus.

It works through the Swiss technology called Livinguard that “disrupts the atomic structure” of bacteria and viruses by using charged ions, thus making the pathogen “inactive’.

In a virtual briefing, Lafferty, a former Procter and Gamble CEO in the Philippines, said, “The technology is completely metal-free, non-toxic, and it doesn’t leach out of the mask.”

The process works in a mechanical fashion and not chemistry. He added that microbe, virus, fungi have a membrane that is negatively charged. It will attract the Livinguard, which is made of positively charged ions in the mask fabric. The membrane ruptures, inhibiting the virus from mutating. The virus falls off the mask then.

The mask has been approved by the FDA of countries like Singapore, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. In a test by the University of Arizona, it has eliminated 99.99% of the coronavirus in the mask.

Image via Fine Guard | Facebook

The Fine Guard mask is available in an N95 mask, a sports mask, and masks for children. They also have gloves, all with Livinguard.

You can wash it up to 50 times using a mild soap like hand soap.  Please take note that the Livinguard starts to deteriorate after 30 washes. Avoid using bleach as it damages the Livinguard. Avoid putting it in a washing machine or dryer because it displaces the valve.

The N95 mask costs P1,495, while the comfort mask is at P995. They are distributed in the Philippines by RPG Distribution Services, Inc. They are available in the following stores: True Value, AFPCES Military Stores (Fort Bonifacio and Aguinaldo), Rustan’s Department Store, Beauty Bar (Glorietta, Greenbelt, Central Square, and online through Birch Registry), and Fine Guard Philippines flagship store in Lazada.