Tipsy man mistakenly brings a dog home, adopts him for good; lucky stray now having a good life

Image via Yutthaphum Kaewekhem | Facebook
  • A man who got tipsy mistakenly carried a dog from a restaurant on his way home
  • He woke up with the dog on his bed; thinking it has an owner, he returned it to the restaurant
  • After knowing she is a stray, he decided to adopt her and both are now inseparable

Sometimes, drinking too much could result to a lot of mess – or let’s say – some unexpected events.

Image capture of video by Yutthaphum Kaewekhem via Facebook

A man in Thailand named Yutthaphum “Boom” Kaewekhem went to his favorite pork restaurant with a female friend one night to eat. After their meal, he enjoyed a drink too many and got tipsy afterward.

Little did he know that as he got into the car to go home, he carried with him a black-brown female dog that regularly stays at the restaurant;  waiting to be fed by customers.

Image capture of video by Yutthaphum Kaewekhem via Facebook

The next morning, his friend found him cuddled up in bed with the doggy. The dog was calm and did not resist her new environment. His friend woke him up so he could return the dog to the restaurant. When Boom got up, he was clueless about what happened.

They returned the dog and apologized over the incident. He shared his funny story on social media and it immediately made headlines.

After learning that the dog doesn’t have an owner and with the call of netizens for him to adopt it, Boom returned to the shop to finally bring him home. The dog was more than happy to see him that it felt they were indeed destined for each other.

Image via Yutthaphum Kaewekhem | Facebook

At home, she did not have any issues at all. She is well-behaved. She isn’t barking, not aggressive and seems to get used to the house right away. He bathed her and brought her to the vet for a check-up.

She named her “Pork”; a reminder of the place where they first met.

Now, Pork is one of the luckiest stray dogs ever. Looking at her latest photos, she is living a good life. In return, she showers him with loyalty and sweetness. At least she finally had a place to call her own; away from the rough life she used to have.