Sisters clash over blowing of birthday candle; TV program invites them to blow 500 more

Image capture of video by Benzie via | Twitter. Image capture of video by Domingo Legal via YouTube
  • A three-year-old got frantic when her older sister cut in on her when she was about to blow her birthday candle
  • She grabbed a handful of her sister’s hair and pulled it in exasperation
  • Their video went viral and the girls got invited to a TV program which gave them an opportunity to blow 500 candles together

To anyone with siblings, no matter how close you are, sometimes, you have that not-so-good moments with your brother or sister.

Image via asmariasdepb | Instagram

Two Brazilian sisters, Maria Eduarda, 3, and Maria Antonia, 6, messed up a birthday party because one sibling blew her sister’s birthday candle when it was not her celebration.

In an article by Hugo Gloss, ut was shared that their aunt and godmother, Gabriela Aureluk, said that they always put up a celebration in someone’s home on Pato Branco for the girls. Apparently, during Maria Eduarda’s 3rd birthday party, her sister Maria Antonia wasn’t happy with all the attention her sibling was getting. While the celebrant was so excited clapping to the birthday song, her sister wore a frown.

When the time came for Maria Eduarda to blow the candle, Maria Antonia quickly stepped closer to the cake. She got to blow the candle first and that made the younger sister so upset. What added more to her displeasure was Maria Antonia’s face saying,” I did it first!”

Image capture of video by Benzie via | Twitter

Immediately, Maria Eduarda grabbed her sister’s hair while breaking down. The family members did their best to separate them but then Maria Eduarda gave it a second round.

The real-life drama was filmed by their aunt and has gone viral. With the attention it gained, a TV program, Domingo Legal has invited the girls with their parents. The highlight of the show was the re-enactment of Maria Eduarda’s “blowing of the candle” moment with her sister. However, instead of a single cake, there were 500 of them!

Who blew the most candles? Watch the video below.