Andi shares happy reunion with Philmar after 6 months apart

Image via YouTube | Happy Islanders
  • Actress Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo are reunited after six months of being apart
  • Andi said she is happy that their family is now complete
  • They are also excited to share more of their journey in the city, especially on her pregnancy

Andi Eigenmann shared the happy reunion of her family with partner Philmar Alipayo after spending the past six months apart.

Image via YouTube | Happy Islanders

“Philmar is here. We’re finally complete,” the now 29 weeks pregnant Andi said. Philmar was in Siargao while Andi and kids Ellie and Lilo are in the city.

The actress said Philmar was not able to immediately join them in Manila because they wanted to go back to the island where they belong. “To those who have been wondering why Philmar only moved back now, it’s because…we belong on the island, that’s where we moved,” she said.

“We wanted to keep our hopes up and be able to find a way to head back but you know, due to everything that’s happening around us of course, hindi ‘yon nangyari.”

She also reflected on the “silver linings” of the time they spent away from each other. “One of the good things that came out of us noong magkahiwalay kami for six months, wala si Papa and siya lagi gumagawa ng lahat. Dahil magkahiwalay kami, ako lang ang nandito, I learned [to do household chores],” Andi admitted.

Image via YouTube | Happy Islanders

It was the same for Philmar, who said he had no idea about the things he needed to fix for their home in Siargao but still managed to accomplish all of them.

“He worked on it and really spent most of his time on the island making sure that when we are able to fly back for the three of us that we will be able to stay and live there na. Thank you, Papa. So proud of you,” she added.

Aside from that, the actress said she got to bond with her daughter Andi “just like old times” while Philmar played with Lilo.

They are also excited to share more of their adventures in the city. “We can enjoy the rest of our pregnancy together and welcome our new happy islander,” she ended.

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