Filipino company sells biodegradable phone cases, plants a tree for every case sold

Image via Coast PH | Facebook
  • Finally, biodegradable and compostable phone cases are available in the Philippines
  • These are made from plant-based materials and biodegradable polymers
  • Even more, it is good to buy because the company has a reforestation project in which they plant a tree for every case sold

According to Statista, 1.52 billion phones were sold in 2019 worldwide. The number is expected to increase by 37% in 2021.

Image via Coast PH | Facebook

No wonder the production of phone cases reaches more than 1 billion yearly. Buying cases seems necessary to protect our expensive gadgets from bumps and falls. However, this would also translate to an additional pile-up of plastics dumped in our landfills. Unfortunately, others end in our oceans.

With this, a Filipino company, Coast PH that makes phone cases saw the need to address this concern. It has launched the first-ever biodegradable and compostable phone covers made from plant-based materials + biodegradable polymers PBAT & PLA.

“The material used for our biodegradable Coast cases are bamboo and wheat, an annually renewable agricultural by-product that provides strength, natural shock absorption qualities, and a unique look to each case, while also being 100% biodegradable,” it stated on its website.

The cases come in different colors which have trademark speckled spots giving the case a sleek and modern look.

Image via Coast PH | Facebook

“The grain spots on each case is unique, meaning that no two phone cases will look exactly the same. The wheat-based cases give a smooth plastic-like texture, while the bamboo-based cases give a coarse, wood-like texture that fits perfectly in your hands!”

Aside from these eco-friendly covers, the company uses reusable sisal pouches made from sisal leaves fiber.

Your purchase of phone cases goes a long way too. The company collaborated with @onetreeplanted and plants a tree for every case sold. 350 trees have been planted so far in the tropical rainforests of Mindanao in its reforestation project.

Phone cases can be bought through their website at a price of P999. You can also find cases for air pods and iPads as well.

What do you think? Are you ready to make the switch?