Cute photos overload: Animal shelter buys new furniture for visitors, but dogs are quick to ‘own’ it

Image cvia Pawssion Project | Facebook
  • An animal shelter bought a rattan sala set so that visitors can have a place to sit while interacting with the rescues
  • However, the dogs were quick to own it and with such cuteness, they just look so adorable sitting on the furniture
  • The shelter shared some photos and prepare to swoon over these furry fellows

Pawssion Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs in need. Over the years, it has been doing its best to improve its shelter with the help of donations from identified and anonymous individuals.

Image via Malou Perez | Facebook

Recently, it has created a simple backdrop and a platform covered with artificial grass where rescues meeting with their new owners and guests can have their photo op. For added convenience to the visitors and volunteers, while interacting with the dogs, the shelter ordered rattan furniture where they can sit and relax. However, it seems it’s not gonna serve its purpose.. yet.

Pawssion Project said on its post, “So we ordered an additional rattan sala set for visitors and volunteers but it seems like you all just have to adjust still when you come [to] visit.”

Image cvia Pawssion Project | Facebook

The dogs excitedly conquered the sala set; leaving no space for humans. The foundation shared some photos and they are just way too cute.

A rescue named Charlie occupied the center table and flashed his sweet smile. He felt so comfortable and happy in his new haven! He was even hailed as “Miss Photogenic” in the comments.

Four dogs crowded themselves at the rattan couch behind him and it seemed they are not going down anytime soon.

Who grabbed the VIP seat? It is the dog who laid at the chair at the photo op area; feeling the prestige in all its majesty. One netizen even said, “The queen of the castle on her throne.”

Image cvia Pawssion Project | Facebook

Well, these rescues deserve to “own” it. After all, they have been juggling with a lot of challenges and a bitter life in the past. Plus they just love to explore the newest addition to the shelter. For sure they’ll give way to humans when they arrive, but for now? Well, they feel entitled? Lol

Pawssion Project is a Bacolod-based shelter founded by Malou Perez in October 2018. In mid-2019, it has put a second shelter in Bulacan. According to its website, it has rescued more than 600 dogs, rehomed more than 300 and spayed/neutered 1000. For those who are willing to donate, you may visit their Facebook page here.