Man’s chickens just won’t stay within their yard so he bought them visibility jackets to keep them safe

Image capture of video by Omlet Pet Products via YouTube
  • A dad gave his son two hens as a birthday gift
  • But the chickens just won’t stay in their yard because they love to roam around the neighborhood
  • So he bought them high-visibility jackets and soon these chickens became instant local celebrities

Reflective jackets are commonly used by workers on construction sites and public roads. These reflect light which enables them to be seen by drivers, especially at night.

Image via Glimt | Facebook

But have you spotted chickens wearing similar visibility jackets? Maybe it would be hard to imagine but yes they do exist.

Back in 2018, David Williams of Galey Hill, UK, bought 2 hens as a birthday gift to his 8-year-old son. He named them Davina and Deirdre. Initially, they tried to contain them in their yard. However, these terrestrial birds love to roam around so David finally gave in and let them walk freely. With that, they enjoy a 5-km radius hiking daily.

The chickens would lay an egg daily before leaving. David also noticed that having them wander improved their egg’s taste.

Now, his next big concern is their safety as he can not keep his eyes on them all the time. When summer was approaching, and sunsets come earlier, he became worried people might not see them on the road. So David bought them fluorescent pink and yellow jackets.

Two chickens all in reflective outfits are strolling around the neighborhood. Isn’t that cute?

Image via Jan Bristow | Facebook

His neighbor, Louise Reidy, thought the chicken hi-vis jackets are photoshopped but only believed until she saw them. Jan Bristow also had a glimpse of the hens, took a photo of it and posted it on social media. It grabbed attention and the hens became instant local celebrities!

Aside from being an amusing sight, neighbors liked the hens roaming around since they eat, snails and slugs which consume their plants.

High-visibility chicken jackets have been on the market since 2013 and are made by Omlet, a pet product company. Aside from making chickens more visible at night, it also helps in keeping them warm during cold weather and protects them from dirt.

Cool idea, though, it may not apply here in the Philippines.