Married man says clothes and shoes are genderless, wears skirts and heels to work

Image via marbryan911 | Instagram
  • A married man in Germany is wearing skirts and heels as his working clothes
  • He started changing his preferences when he got bored of the usual suit and tie he had been wearing for 35 years in his job
  • He is a straight guy and doesn’t mind wearing women’s clothing because for him clothes and shoes are genderless

We know that skirts and heels are worn by women and pants are generally part of a man’s basic clothing. But one man in Germany defies the standards. And take note, he is a straight guy.

Image via marbryan911 | Instagram

Mark Bryan, 61, is an American living in Germany. Four years ago, he started wearing women’s clothes. His reason? Clothes and shoes are genderless.

Bryan is married and has three kids. And every day, as he goes to work as a robotics engineering manager, he confidently dons tight skirts and high heels partnering it with men’s button-up shirts. His favorite pieces are five-inch stilettos and pencil skirts. He likes it because it represents women power.

It was during college when he first tried wearing heels when his then-girlfriend told him to do so before he can dance with her. And while he was working as a manager, he started to feel bored of the usual style and color of men’s office suits. One time he passed by a women’s store and that changed his preferences.

The 6 feet tall dad created an Instagram account markbryan911 to showcase his outfits and fashion style. In his bio, he described himself as a “straight, happily married guy that loves Porsches, beautiful women and incorporating heels and skirts into my daily wardrobe.” Bryan has 257k followers.

Image via marbryan911 | Instagram

Of course many have asked about Bryan’s sexuality in which he only answers any of the following: “I’m a straight guy.” and “None of your business.”. But he admitted that sometimes, asking about it pisses him off. Criticism isn’t uncommon in his case but he managed to deal with it through the years.

Good thing, his family supports him a hundred percent. He was married thrice and he has been with his current wife for 11 years.  One of his daughters would even ask to borrow his shoes. Unfortunately, their sizes don’t match. And how many pairs does he have? Just more than 50!

What do you think of Bryan’s unconventional clothing preferences? Would you mind men wearing skirts?

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