Now you can send ‘future messages’ to your loved ones with Memories app

Image capture of video by Memories via YouTube
  • Memories app unveils a new feature, Future Messages, that allows users to record a message and send it to the recipient at a given time 
  • The company behind the app wants users to continue the closeness and bond loved ones experience even if special people have long been gone

While social media giants have long released a scheduling feature to make you upload posts ahead and auto-publish them based on your desired time, Memories app innovated a similar technology through Future Messages.

Image screenshot from Memories website

This revolutionary new feature enables users to send video, text, or audio messages to their loved ones at a future date could be weeks, months, or even years from now. You will never be missing out on any anniversaries, birthdays and another life’s important moments.

The app, created by The Monkeys would like to highlight the importance of still feeling close to your loved ones even after they’ve gone ahead. It has released a short film where a grandson has received a video greeting from his grandfather which he has recorded years ago.

Memories Group CEO, Tom Ainsworth said, “In our culture, the bond between generations is less visible despite huge advances in technology. Future Messages aims to use technology to celebrate those ties and gives us the chance to connect with our loved ones at the special moments in their lives and on the dates important to them.”

The CEO who lost his father not too long ago knew how heartwarming it could be if he is still able to receive a message from his dad.

Image via Canva

“I’m thankful this is a gift I can give my kids,” he added.

The Memories app was first launched in Melbourne, Australia in 2014. Since then, it has been used by 206 countries globally.

To use the app, simply record a message, choose who to send to by adding their email ad or phone number and your message is delivered based on your schedule. It is free to use with options to upgrade it for added storage and features. Messages are securely stored through Amazon Web Services.

The digital platform will try its best to deliver user expectations. But in any case, the company will cease its operation, it will send all messages to the intended recipients earlier than expected.

Watch the short film here.