Toddler gets stuck on a cat scratching tree, his sister has a brilliant idea to calm him while waiting for rescue

Image via Cynthia Olson | Facebook
  • A 4-year-old-boy stuck his head on a hole of a cat scratching tree and his mom called 911 to get him off
  • While waiting for rescue, his sister made him watch a movie on her mobile phone which was turned upside down for him to view it properly
  • The boy was finally off the hole with the help of firemen who along with the mother thought the incident was hilarious

Toddlers are adventurous. They like to experiment and try new things that sometimes their safety gets compromised;  something every mom can relate to.

Image via Cynthia Olson | Facebook

And it’s what made a 6-year-old screaming for her mom when she found her 4-year-old brother’s head was stuck in a hole of a cat scratching tree. The mom, Cynthia, 34, found her son Parker unable to pull his head back. She tried to lift him up but she couldn’t make it.

“I tried desperately to get him out myself but I’m a little vertically challenged and could not lift him straight up and turn his head and wiggle it out all at the same time alone,” she said in a post on Catspotting Society.

That’s when she called 911.

Image via Cynthia Olson | Facebook

But before the rescue came, the other sister, Marley, who’s 10, let the young boy watch a movie on her mobile phone to calm him; even turning it upside down for him to view it properly. Brilliant, isn’t it?

The firemen came. One of them lifted Parker vertically while another personnel wiggled his head until it was out of the hole.

Cynthia said that the firemen handled the situation so well and his son Parker was really good throughout the whole ordeal. Not just that. She said the whole thing was quite funny which made these men laugh.

“And yes they laughed the entire time. They did a phenomenal job!! I am sure it made for a much easier and more entertaining call than most they get these days.”

Image via Cynthia Olson | Facebook

After the incident, the firemen gave them stickers and they had their photo op in front of their vehicle.

Cynthia assured the public that his son was fine and he was never hurt. And definitely, Parker has something to look back to when he’s all grown up.

Most likely, he’s not going to make the same mistake again.