‘They are trained to stand up for what they believe in’: VP Robredo defends daughters against critics

Image via Facebook | Leni Robredo
  • Vice President Leni Robredo called out those who are bashing her daughters over their tweet that President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters believe are directed at him
  • VP Robredo said her daughters are indeed outspoken because they were taught to stand up for what they believe in
  • President Rodrigo Duterte lashed out over the hashtag “Nasaan Ang Pangulo” as the people in Cagayan cried for help

Vice President Leni Robredo defended her daughters against bashers who are criticizing them for their tweets, which President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters believe are directed at him.

Image via Instagram | Leni Robredo

“Ngayon, ang binubully [ay] mga anak ko. I have always been proud of the persons my daughters have become. They never used our name or whatever little influence we have to get what they want,” Robredo said.

She added that her daughters Aika and Tricia are adults who have no plans of becoming politicians. “Totoo, they are outspoken and rightfully so. We have trained them to stand up for themselves and what they believe in,” she said.

Aika and Tricia exchanged tweets as people in Cagayan pleaded for help online amid the massive flooding when Magat Dam released water.

Image via Twitter

“Tulog pa rin? Alas otso na,” Tricia said. Aika replied and said, “Sabado eh. Weekend.”

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said Pres. Duterte lashed out in a speech Tuesday because of the #NasaanAngPangulo trend which they attributed to VP Robredo.

“Bagama’t hindi ko alam kung talagang nagsabi si Vice President kung nasaan si Presidente, e tingnan ninyo ito. Kung hindi man siya, merong mga malapit sa kaniya na nagsabi,” Roque said; referring to Aika and Tricia.

The Vice President has clarified that she did not start the trend and called out whoever peddled the information to the President.

“Sa panahon ng matinding sakuna, dapat lahat ng tulong, welcome. Hindi ito contest. Hindi tayo nag-uunahan. Lahat tayo dapat nagtutulong-tulong para sa ating mga kababayan,” she said.