‘Fan Girl’ in the eyes of its fans: What makes it award-winning?

Image via Charlie Dizon | Facebook
  • The multi-awarded MMFF 2020 entry “Fan Girl” earned praises for its powerful role portrayal, movie relevance and cinematography among others
  • Movie-watchers commented on what makes Charlie Dizon, who is a newcomer, someone to watch out for
  • Read what they also have to say about Paulo Avelino’s performance as well as their take on the director’s choice of the story

Fan Girl swept major trophies in the 2020 MMFF Awards. And its success tells many stories why since its first screening, the movie has earned a lot of fans that just can’t stop talking about why this is a must-watch before the year ends.

Image via Charlie Dizon | Facebook

Looking at the official trailers, those who have already got a sight of this MMFF entry laid down their thoughts on what made this movie deserve its wins.

Perhaps many may not have known the leading lady, Charlie Dizon (Jane in the movie), prior to her first major role because she only took short lines from her previous films but this just placed her on the pedestal due to her powerful acting. Movie-watchers praised her for being natural and giving her role the justice it needs.

Even during her stints in “Seven Sundays” and “Four Sisters Before the Wedding”, they have already seen that inner talent just waiting to unfold if given a chance. The newcomer turned heads and many are expecting more of her in the future. Plot twist: she wasn’t the original cast for it but apparently destiny had its way. Maybe she failed to become a K-pop artist because she is going to make a bigger name for herself in the Philippines.

She won the Best Actress Award

“Good acting. natural especially ‘yun girl. First time I’ve heard a real child cry. Hindi ‘yung pa-cute.”

Image via Charlie Dizon | Facebook

Aside from her acting, there are still a lot of talents recognized here. Paulo Avelino bagged the Best Actor Award for his role. We usually see him in a dramatic, sweet or romantic character but this one is different. Aside from allowing the film to use his persona as Paulo Avelino, netizens would compare him to how Baron Geisler delivers his lines. In the movie, he was the opposite of what his fan girl thought him to be. And he did amazing.

“Everyone be commending Charlie Dizon but Paulo Avelino really did a very good job in this film. Sobrang tapang niya dahil he’s willing to use his name and image in this film, a very brave move!!”

The director Antoinette Jadaone received compliments as well for taking on a film that is a part of the reality in today’s generation. The fandom culture that we have, all the craziness of worshipping our idols is so true that this movie reminds us to manage our expectations because not all that glitters glow in reality.

In making the movie, she did not let Paulo and Charlie talk in the beginning just to maintain that idol-fan girl distance which we believed helped the actors absorb their role better.

She grabbed the Best Director Award.

Image via Charlie Dizon | Facebook

There’s still so much to talk about but we might be spoiling some movie infos. Fan Girl won nine awards including Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Cinematography.

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Watch the trailer here.

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