Youth-led climate movement launches petition for Lazada and Shopee to reveal, reduce and redesign their packaging

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  • An environmental group saw the exacerbating problem of plastic packaging waste especially that online shopping is part of the new normal today
  • They made a petition for the two of the biggest e-commerce platforms to reveal, reduce and redesign their packaging

During the 12.12 sale, Shopee made history with 12 million items sold in 24 minutes. Have you even thought that this equated to 12 million plastic pouches too? One environmental group just did.

Image via Youth Strike 4 Climate Philippines | Facebook

With that, the Youth Strike 4 Climate Philippines set up a petition for two of the biggest e-commerce companies, Lazada and Shopee to reveal, reduce and redesign their packaging.


The group calls for the two e-commerce giants to publish how much plastic they are using as part of their corporate responsibility and transparency. With this, it would be easier to set targets on how much waste needs to be reduced in the future. They also wanted to see the companies’ internal policies that are geared towards their social responsibility targets.


Double layering of packaging which is sometimes unnecessary should be reviewed. Thus, the creation of policies in packaging like what needs thick plastic wrap and what doesn’t is asked by the group. Lazada Philippines, having an in-house fleet and a stable logistics warehousing infrastructure around the country is encouraged to set reduction targets on packaging waste. Likewise, Shopee needs to work with its logistic partner to come up with the same goals.

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Some vendors like The Good Trade PH are using compostable mailers and honeycomb bubble wrap their items. Lazada and Shopee may tap on eco-friendly vendors like this to create sustainable packaging solutions and eco-friendly disposal schemes.

Furthermore, they urged them to find ways to reuse packaging like what companies like Loop, Zippies, Repack, Fachpack, and [email protected] Solution are doing.

The growth in e-commerce business in the country has undoubtedly peaked due to the pandemic. According to the group, plastic waste is predicted to increase by as much as 300%.

What do you think of this advocacy? If you want to support the petition, kindly visit this link.

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