Been wanting to buy an air fryer? Check these pros and cons if it is the right tool for you

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  • The craze on air fryers is coming back on social media and many are convinced this is a great buy
  • Air fryers have a lot of advantages over other cooking appliances like oven and deep fryers
  • However, it may also not work for others due to some cons like the limitation in size

The pandemic has encouraged people to cook at home. Alongside the list of recipes some search to rotate their cooking menu, others were persuaded by the latest craze in cooking appliances such as the air fryer.

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Air fryers work like deep fryers but it uses hot air and a minimal amount of oil.

But why do people go crazy about this not-so-new technology that’s having a comeback hype in social media? We searched around the internet and saw that this kitchen tool has a lot to offer.

The first is all about health. With only a tablespoon of oil needed to cook your food, that would mean less cholesterol; ideal for those who are health buffs and also those who are trying to lose weight.

Air fryers are like convection ovens where the top portion produces heat and a fan circulates the heat making your food crispy. But unlike the oven which needs extra care in handling food after cooking, air fryers are easier to unload. They also come with simple control panels and cool-to-touch handles. Furthermore, this appliance is multifunctional. Aside from frying, you can also roast, bake, grill and broil in such a compact design.

And if you want faster cooking times, this is the tool for you. It can preheat faster and maintain steady temperatures than most ovens.

How about the cons?

Foods that are not naturally fatty can dry out faster. Size is also a limitation. The biggest air fryer capacity in the market is 12.7 quarts but it is rarely available in the country. So if you have a large family, you need to cook in batches which is inconvenient.

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Air fryers also make noise during operation. Depending on the model, others can be as loud as a washing machine or dishwasher.

Lastly is the price. Air fryers from reputable brands can range from almost P3,000 to more than P20,000 for a Philips model; depending on its capacity.

What do you think? Is this appliance worth an investment? If you haven’t bought yet and is planning to buy, you may check on more reviews online. See if it fits your food preference, lifestyle and budget.