#Memoryman: Cop identifies more than 2,000 wanted individuals, some of whom he had seen on CCTV years back

Image via West Midlands Police | Facebook
  • A cop in England has a keen photographic memory which he uses in identifying people wanted by the force
  • He recalls people seen on CCTV even years after and has been an asset to the team where he belongs
  • The “memory man” has been recognized and became part of a prestigious group due to his superb talent

Usually, cops rely on photographs in identifying the faces of people they are looking for. However, a cop in England has a “superpower” because he can recall faces he had seen on the CCTV even several years ago.

Image via West Midlands Police | Facebook

The police community support officer named Andy Pope uses his instinct as an indicator of whether his judgment is right. He had been using it to trace offenders since 2012 and by 2018 he had spotted 1,000 of them. That milestone earned him recognition from his chief constable.

In 2020, he helped in identifying 406 people where he achieved an amazing record of 16 in one day. With that, he surpassed the 2,000 mark.

The 43-year-old officer based in Birmingham works at West Midlands Police. He arrives at work 30 minutes early and sits down to browse the computer to check on photos of people wanted by force. When detectives ran out of ways to put a name on faces, they go to him for help.

Because of his razor-sharp memory, he became part of the first 20 people in the world who formed the Association of Super Recognisers. Besides being affiliated with this group, he is also a finalist in the Against All Odds category of the Amplifon Awards For Brave Britons 2020.

Image via Before It’s News: Science and Technology | Facebook

Even at this time of the pandemic where people wear masks, it was not a hindrance for PCSO Andy to still exhibit his ability.

According to him, he made sure that he is fully updated on the images of people to be identified. With that, he is able to spot some in the Birmingham city centre while they are wearing masks.

By 2022, he aims to identify 2,500 individuals.

Goodluck, PCSO Andy Pope!