Driver who feeds strays discovers a homeless man does the same, now he reached out to netizens to help him

Image via Bugoy G. Raymundo | Facebook
  • A driver often stops by an area ni Taguig to feed stray cats and dogs
  • One day, he discovered that a 75-year-old homeless man takes care of the same strays he was feeding
  • He was moved by his kindness to animals so he shared his story on social media hoping others can extend help for the man

A man who feeds stray dogs and cats wanted to help another man who does the same.

Image via Bugoy G. Raymundo | Facebook

Bugoy Raymundo works as a driver and in the afternoons he stops by a spot in C5 Taguig to feed stray cats and dogs. Over time, he noticed that there is a tarpaulin used to make a small shed in the area where strays can secure themselves in times of rain.

He begins to doubt that there may be somebody else who also takes care of these animals. Fortunately, the time came that he was able to meet the man he was looking for.

He learned that the man is already 75 years old but comes to the place regularly in the mornings at 6 AM and afternoons at 4 PM to bring his rescues food. He has 25 cats and 10 dogs in which Bugoy believes is too much for him to handle.

Bugoy asked him about his house but the man just kept on saying that he lives under the bridge.

Image via Bugoy G. Raymundo | Facebook

The man showed him his place for his pets. He was able to have a closer look at the shed which has the label “Pussy Cat Kingdom.” However, looking at the photos Bugoy shared on social media, it needs a lot of improvement.

He felt pity for him; an old man with no known home does the extra mile to take care of 35 strays. With that, Bugoy shared his encounter with him on social media and asked help among netizens for the man to sustain his feeding program and other needs.

“Naantig po talaga ako. Ang tanong ko tuloy sa sarili ko parang nakikita ko na ang pagtanda ko.”

Bugoy’s life is similar to the strays he had adopted. He was left in the hospital by his parents 3 days after he was born. A police officer got him and brought him up like his own.

Image via Bugoy G. Raymundo | Facebook

Bugoy started adopting strays when he was 7 years old. Just like him who once did not have a home, he felt pity for them so he brings pet food to work and feed them whenever he has the chance.

He and the 75-year-old man carry the same mission. They show us that you do not need to be somebody to make a difference in animals. All it takes is a kind heart, determination and much love for them.

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