Watch: Hairstylist gives free haircut to the homeless, see the amazing transformation of his ‘clients’

Image via Mark Bustarde | Facebook
  • A hairstylist is giving free haircut as his way of helping the homeless who cannot afford it
  • With his free service, his “clients” are very happy with the transformation
  • He uploads videos of his charity work to inspire others to do the same

While some give food to the homeless, this man uses his skill to care about their hair grooming.

Image via Mike Bustarde | Facebook

With no stable source of food and no proper shelter, taking care of one’s appearance would be the last thing on the mind of those who live on the streets. Good thing one kind hairstylist dedicated his talent to them.

Marko Bustarde is a 27-year-old hairstylist from Caloocan City. In December 2020, every rest day, he would go on a mission and that is to provide free haircut to the homeless. So far he has given his service to 5 people. His goal is to groom 3 to five people in a week.

He told Philippine Star that he can only do it on his rest day because is a family man and his wife is pregnant and sometimes he is also called for home service by his clients.

Marko shared his video on his YouTube channel.

“Gumawa ako ng video para mas marami pang ma-inspire. Ito naisip ko para makatulong sa ganitong resources ko muna na meron ako.”

Image via Mabel | Facebook

He plans to give 10% of his video earnings to those in need.

“In GODS WILL , GODS PLAN na magtatagumpay tayo dito at ang kikitain nito 10% tithe mapupunta kung sino man ang may kailangan kahit homeless cat or dog pa man.”

It may sound easy for Marko but gaining the trust of his chosen “clients” is sometimes a challenge. There were some whom he approached that declined the offer. But for those who agreed, their reaction to their transformation is priceless. Marko would also give food and some money aside from his service.

Besides giving free haircuts, Marko feeds stray dogs and cats. He also uploads videos on hair tips on his TikTok account.

Here’s the video of his free haircut mission.