Ingenuity at its best: Man converts defective LED TV into a street light

Image via May Buenaobra | Facebook
  • A retired Philippine Air Force technical sergeant converted a defective TV into a LED street light 
  • He regrets throwing broken electronic devices so he makes them into other useful equipment
  • His skills and contribution in electronics has earned him a Lingkod Bayan Award in 2010

Indeed, one person’s trash could be another person’s treasure.

Image via May Buenaobra | Facebook

Aside from plastic bottles that are thrown in the garbage but can still be made into useful items, did you know that we can do the same for electronic waste?

Technical Sgt. Salvador S Buenaobra Jr is a retired Philippine Air Force personnel but his contribution in making a difference for his fellowmen has not stopped. He is someone who thinks defective electronic devices can still be repurposed into other useful equipment.

Recently, he ‘transformed’ a broken LED TV into a streetlight and that innovation was shared on social media by his sister, May Buenaobra. She labeled it as “ingenuity at its best”.

“Sharing with you my brother’s ‘Pandemic Project’. The past months that we have been in quarantine can either make us more productive or the other way around,” she shared.

“My brother, Jhun, is an exemption. He converted a defective LED flat-screen television into a street light,” she described.

She then shared photos of his brother standing in front of his creation.

Image via May Buenaobra | Facebook

Salvador “Jhun” Buenaobra made this possible because of his skills acquired from taking a vocational course in electronics. In fact, this was not his first project. When he was still active in the military service, he made the runway lights of Sangley Point Airport in Cavite from recycled materials.

With that, Salvador became a recipient of the Lingkod ng Bayan Award given by former President Benigno S. Aquino III in 2010.

His streetlight innovation has spread all over their neighborhood that many have contacted him to order. Currently, he is working on a newer and upgraded version of his “Pandemic Project”.

Despite the situation we are in, Jhun made an opportunity to make meaningful innovations. This is the message his sister is trying to imply in sharing his work.

Image courtersy of Salvador Buenaobra

“I was just moved to share his story which I think is a good reminder for all of us on how we should see the situation we are in now…that despite all the DARKNESS there is always LIGHT and HOPE. We just have to keep the FAITH,” she said.

Do you want to know more about Salvador’s projects? You may contact him through his Facebook account here.

Meanwhile here is a video of his output.