Labor of love: Pinay Mom transforms TV cardboard box into amazing DIY playhouse for her little girl

Image via Racz Kelly | Facebook
  • Instead of throwing the TV’s cardboard box, a mommy vlogger showed on social media how she made it into a DIY playhouse for her daughter
  • The project turned out good that her daughter loved it and even mom readers praised her labor of love

Are you someone who hastily throw away your appliance cardboard boxes? Think again. It can still be of big use especially if you have kids.

Image via Racz Kelly | Facebook

A mommy vlogger named Racz Kelly from Canada – who’s expecting baby #2 – shared on social media her amazing DIY playhouse made out of a TV’s cardboard box for her daughter Tracey.

“Kesa itapon ang box ng TV, ginawa kong bahay-bahayan ni Tracey. Sulit ang 2 days kong ginugol sa paggawa,” she said on her FB post.

She took the opportunity of making it when she was mostly with her daughter because her husband was not feeling well.

Aside from the cardboard box, Mommy Racz used the following materials: glue gun, glue stick, scotch tape, measuring tape and cutter.

In crafting the project, she cut the cardboard according to the desired size after taking measurements. She drew doors and windows and cut them around and finally, she glued and taped the parts like the roof and doors.

In two days, Tracey’s playhouse was done. It has 2 doors, 3 windows wherein in one of them she can display some pieces of stuff. The house is spacious that mommy can even get inside.

Overall Tracey was so happy and so excited that she rushed in immediately. Mommy Racz said that she will be improving the appearance to make it look better.

Image via Racz Kelly | Facebook

Netizens praised her work of art and thanked her for giving them an idea.

“Thanks sis.. Nagkaroon ako ng idea sa mga cargo boxes.”

“Galing.. Mayroon nga din ako dito box ng washing. ‘Di ko pinatapon sa nag deliver kahapon. Gagamitin ko, kaso iniisip ko paano kaya gagawin ko na di kaskasin ng pusa hahaha, Balak ko gawing lutu-lutuan ng anak ko.”

Above all, though it was made of simple materials, what’s more important for Mommy Racz is that her daughter is happy.

“Ito ang aking tunay na kayamanan —- ‘yong pag-spend ng time para sa aking Tracey at saka paggawa ng mga bagay na ikasasaya niya.”

Watch how she made it here and be inspired! She’s got a lot of DIY videos and you might want to subscribe.

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