Lyka app trends on social media after Ivana Alawi bought her mom’s car using gems earned from it

Image capture of video by Ivana Alawi via YouTube, Image via Lyka | Facebook
  • Ivana revealed in her vlog that she used the gems earned on the Lyka app to buy a car for her mom
  • This drew curiosity among netizens and has helped the app gain new users
  • Read what users say about the app, the concerns raised and the latest update from its CEO

Ivana’s latest vlog on how she was able to purchase the Ford expedition worth P 3,731,650 she gave her mom had netizens talking about the app the YouTuber used — Lyka.

Image capture of video by Ivana Alawi via YouTube

Lyka (previously Things I Like app) is a Silicon Valley and Hongkong-based company founded in 2017 that calls its social media app a “Social Wallet that Pays for Passion”. In short, as you upload content and engage with others, you earn in terms of gems that you can convert to cash. 1 Gem is equivalent to Php 1 in the country.

According to its CEO Ryan Baird, the app was made to connect users and brands together for mutual benefits.

Where can you use the gems? Some merchants like Adidas, Guess, Aeropostale, and PlainsandPrints accept payment in gems. Over the months since launch, the number of merchants accepting it keeps on growing.


On Google Play, the app has a fair rating of 3.7 while on the App Store it is rated lower—-2.5. Most users who gave it a rating of 5 like the app because it is convenient and helpful; giving them the opportunity to purchase without cash. But for those who are dissatisfied have common issues regarding bugs. Others complain about it being laggy and sometimes it doesn’t seem to work at all.

With the hype created by Ivana’s vlog, there’s an upsurge of new users. However, an alarming concern began to resurface. A user found out that this app has no account deactivation feature.

Image via Google Play Lyka App Reviews

“The only app I knew that doesn’t have the “Account Deactivation” feature. I want to deactivate my account and my personal information be deleted from your app. I have already sent an email to your support team, but it says I have no account and gave me a passcode. I only entered my phone number upon opening an account with Lyka. So, there’s no way out of this app? I don’t even know where to follow up regarding the updates of my account. I will delete this comment after my acct deactivation,” said Wyndee on her app review.

A mobile developer named u/Kenary on Reddit also pointed out that while he is on IOS 14 beta there are indicators that the app may be using the camera and microphone without you knowing it.

Image via Lyka | Facebook

This issue has reached Lyka’s headquarters and the company has released a statement dated January 14; saying that they are continuously improving their app. The glitch on the IOS 14 was also resolved. Furthermore, they have reassured users that the data are kept strictly confidential.

Currently, they are working hard because they aim to make this the best app to connect businesses to their customers.

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