‘Quality time with fiance’: Andi Eigenmann reveals her New Year’s resolution

Image via andieigengirl | Instagram
  • Andi Eigenmann posted her first photo with her fiance, Philmar, on Instagram
  • The former actress shared that they enjoyed spending time with the kids
  • She also put importance on quality time together as a couple which is one of her New Year’s resolution in 2021

After sharing some of her first photos with the kids and Philmar Alipayo last Christmas, Andi Eigenmann made her first post in January 2021 on Instagram.

Image via andieigengirl | Instagram

The mom-to-be for the third time posted her latest photos with Philmar along with some old images.

In her caption, she described how much she enjoyed her family life but also stressed the importance of couple time which is part of her new year’s resolution in 2021.

“First photo is pretty much the only photo from 2020 taken of just the two! Fam life has been so much fun! We love spending time with our kids and them just being around us 100% of the time. But just like self-care, we often forget the importance of also taking the time together as a couple. This will be one of my resolutions for the year! Making room for some quality time with my fiance (!), just like old times!!”

Andi also said that she now knows how to speak Philmar’s native dialect — Siargaonon.

“Only this time— kabayo nako mo storya sa ija nan siargaonan sab. Waya na an dili magkasinabtanay.”

The couple got engaged in December.  Andi described it as unexpected but it was the way she wanted it to be.

Image via andieigengirl | Instagram

“I never thought about how my engagement would go because quite honestly, I didn’t think I’d have one. It would’ve been ok regardless, but it did happen. And it happened the way I wanted it and so much more. Nothing grand. Unprompted, simple and oh so sincere. That’s us. That’s him. That is how I want the rest of my life to be.”

Andi is in her 9th month of conception and is having their first baby boy this time. She continues to stay active and is still hitting the beach; swimming along with Philmar.

Her first child with Philmar, Lilo, is now over a year old while Ellie, her daughter with Jake Ejercito is 9.