Sharon Cuneta stuns fans with her latest figure at 55: ‘Now my swimsuit is a size 10’

Image via Sharon Cuneta | Facebook
  • Sharon Cuneta is now 55 and has wowed her fans with her latest look which we haven’t seen in years
  • The megastar is definitely achieving her weight loss goals as she flaunts in a swimsuit 
  • She also made a revelation on what helped her to lose those pounds

The megastar has just turned 55 on January 6 and there’s no better way of revealing her mid 50’s look than a glimpse of her in a swimsuit.

Image via Sharon Cuneta | Facebook

Sharon Cuneta posted pictures to show her recent figure 2 days before her birthday to prove that indeed she is doing great in achieving a slimmer body.

“Went swimming and had this picture taken today. Now my swimsuit is a size 10. I haven’t been a 10 in many years,” she captioned her photo.

The megastar said that her normal size when she was thin was 6 or 8 and that she would already worry when she’s at 8. She needs to lose 20 more pounds to achieve size 6 but after losing so much weight, 20 wouldn’t be difficult anymore.

“Now to get to size 6 means I need to lose the last 20 lbs. After so many years of trying to get rid of all this extra weight and losing anywhere from 60-80 lbs., 20 doesn’t seem like too much work anymore.”

She asked her fans for prayers as she continues her journey and even challenged them to keep track of her. Sharon also admitted that she came up with some realizations before 2020 ended and that helped her to lose weight.

“Thank You Lord for that all-important bonk on the head before 2020 ended that knocked me into my senses – now it’s even been helping me lose weight! Nyahaha! Galing ng Diyos talaga.”

Image via Sharon Cuneta | Facebook

This post was followed by two more photos wherein in the latest image she flaunted a part of her back to the camera. Wow!

Netizens cheered for her success and posted their birthday greetings as well. The megastar who once said that she will be retiring soon from showbiz still got a lot of loving and loyal fans.

What could be next? We couldn’t wait for more updates.

Image via Instagram