Sotto rebukes Roque for describing senators as ‘war-like’, ‘bellicose-like’ during hearing

Images from Facebook
  • Sotto chided Roque for supposedly making up their demeanor during the Senate hearing
  • Roque said in an interview the senators were ‘war-like’ and ‘bellicose-like’ 
  • But Sotto argued they may be argumentative but certainly not aggressive

Senate President Vicente ‘Tito’ Sotto’ III has called out Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque for supposedly making up the senators’ ‘aggressive’ demeanor during a Senate hearing on the government’s vaccination program.

Sotto denied there ever was any ‘war-like’ atmosphere during the hearing as described by Roque during an interview over CNN Philippines.

Image from Sen. Vicente Sotto’s Facebook account

“I wonder if Secretary Roque watched the hearing for nine hours.  Tell me when what time and who was war-like or even was shouting to any of the resource persons. Imbento!” the Senate President told reporters on Wednesday.

The lawmaker said they may be argumentative at some point but certainly not war-like.

“I painstakingly stayed for the entire duration and I do not recall any senator to be war-like. Perhaps argumentative but not warlike. Why? Does he expect us to treat our resource persons with tender loving care?” he added.

Sec. Galvez| Screesnhot from RTVM video

In the CNN Interview, Roque said Galvez no longer wanted to attend the Senate hearing but was prevailed upon by the President who wants the vaccine czar to continue answering the senators’ questions.

But the President, according to the Palace mouthpiece, advised Galvez to just ‘stand up and leave’ if the senators become verbally abusive.

“And if they cite you in contempt, I will come and fetch you. But certainly, if they start being abusive, just walk out,” Roque quoted Duterte as saying.

Image via PNA

The spokesperson likewise agreed that Duterte ‘certainly’ felt the senators behaved this way during the last two hearings.

“He could not understand that the demeanor of the senators were apparently bellicose-like, they were war-like. And of course, there was like already an attitude as if there was corruption going, when it was fact-finding in fact,” Roque said.