Terno is life: Hilarious photo explains why you shouldn’t buy your wife a sewing machine

Image via Luis Reambonanza | Facebook, Image via Canva
  • A photo on social media hilariously warns why you should never buy your wife a sewing machine
  • It’s because when women sew, they use the same fabric for curtains, bedsheets and even clothes for the family
  • This hilarious photo made netizens amused because it is indeed true based on some netizens’ experience

Sewing can be anybody’s hobby. But if it is your wife’s favorite pastime, it’s going to be extra special.

Image via Luis Reambonanza | Facebook

Luis Reambonanza shared a photo to Memories of Old Manila & Beyond which had everyone thinking about their lola, mom and wife. The caption says “Never buy your wife a sewing machine.”

Why? The photo says it all. A man was wearing a checkered pajama terno. However, it is the same fabric with their sofa cover.

One netizen commented, “I just see a head floating on the couch. So what’s wrong with buying your wife a sewing machine?” Lol. This could be the best camouflage if you want to hide away from your wife.

So why does this happen?

According to some netizens, it all starts with sewing curtains and bed sheets and pillowcases that are quite easy to make. But then there might be extra fabric left so the wife makes shorts or pajamas out of it. The next time, she might buy more fabric to include pajama ternos for the husband and kids. And if there is still fabric left, she might make covers for your TV and other appliances. But it doesn’t end there. All those strips and cutouts can still be made into rags. Lol! Terno is life.

That’s how obsessed women can be when it comes to sewing. Nothing is put in the trash. Is it a good thing?

Many netizens were able to relate to this and they shared their experiences.

Image via Ma Grace Audine | Facebook

“Omg parang ako lang para sa apo ko terno sa punda. Hahahha,” said Ma Grace Audine who shared a beautiful photo of her granddaughter wearing a dress ‘terno’ to their bedsheet and pillowcases.

“Ginawa ko yan noon bedsheet, kurtina at pillowcase, dress ng anak ko at cover ng TV,” Normita Lorenzana Madrio said.

Meanwhile, whether it is terno or not, let us not forget to appreciate every woman who has contributed her sewing skills in the household. Her labor of love, time and effort are more precious than every masterpiece she made.

Now, are you still willing to buy your wife (or mother) a sewing machine?

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