Enjoying toll-free Skyway 3? Here’s how much it may cost motorists starting February

Image from ABS-CBN News
  • San Miguel Corp. has filed a petition for the proposed Skyway 3 toll fare matrix
  • Motorists may be charged between P110 and P274, depending on the route
  • The matrix has yet to be approved by the TRB before it can be implemented

The Skyway Stage 3, which had a soft opening last December 29, proved to be a big relief for many motorists who braved the monstrous EDSA traffic for years just to cross the metro in order to reach the southern or the northern part.

Several of those who have tried the 18-kilometer elevated expressway from Buendia all the way to Balintawak agreed the experience was indeed a big departure from the hour-long bumper-to-bumper congestion normally seen inside the Metro Manila throroughfares.

Image from Facebook – Sec. Mark Villar

The Skyway 3 is free when it opened last month and will remain free until the end of January. However, once it starts charging next month, would motorists still say the ride is worth the fare?

Apparently, San Miguel Corp. which operates the Skyway will be charging a minimum of P110 for the shortest route and a maximum of P274 for its full length; at least according to a petition filed by the company before the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB).

Image from Facebook

As per the northbound VAT-inclusive matrix, those coming from Buendia on-ramp will be charged P110 if they will exit at Quirino and Plaza Azul only, but will be charged P274 for all other exits up to Balintawak.

On the other hand, those coming from E. Rodriguez will have to pay P133 for all the other exits including Balintawak.

For the southbound, vehicles coming from NLEX will pay P133 at A.Bonifacio- Sgt. Rivera, Quezon Ave. and E. Rodriguez exits; and P274 for all the other exits ahead.

Image from Facebook – Sec. Mark Villar

The minimum of P110 will also be charged for motorists entering Plaza Dilao and Quirino but exits at Buendia.

But since this is still with the TRB, the matrix has yet to be approved by the regulatory board before it can be fully implemented.

So, do you think the fare matrix is justified compared to the convenience the Skyway has brought to many? Or is it too much and you would prefer to go back to EDSA instead?