Basel reveals frustrating turn of events between him and Korean Mr. Chang aka Abeoji : ‘I was betrayed’

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via YouTube
  • Basel revealed in his vlog that Mr. Chang, the Korean noodles vendor he helped, betrayed him
  • Mr. Chang aka Abeoji discredited him and made him appear bad in other videos with another vlogger named Bobby
  • Basel showed proofs denying those allegations and even presented facts that he only disclosed at this time 

For the first time, Basel of the Hungry Syrian Wanderer made shocking revelations on why he and Mr. Chang Aka Abeoji are not seeing each other anymore.

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via YouTube

Disappointed and heartbroken —that is probably the best description which applies to Basel on his more than an hour-long vlog that focuses on details of his encounters with the Korean businessman who went bankrupt from mishandling his money, went viral in selling noodles on the streets and whom he helped… a lot.

Basel soon realized that Mr. Chang and a Filipino fellow named Bobby — who claims to be helping the Korean vendor — were lying, discrediting and defaming him for money. Bobby made his own YouTube channel, “Chong Bobby Channel”, and according to Basel, the latter posted videos that made Mr. Chang appear not receiving any help from him which he strongly disagreed with.

The drama started when a Filipino YouTuber who is said to be Basel’s supporter always comes to his restaurant and films with Mr. Chang. The vlogger gave Mr. Chang Php 7,500 as his income in the vlog. However, in the video when the Korean vendor received the money he claimed that there is this one guy (referring to Basel) who is always filming with him but he does not receive anything; not even Php 100.

This made Basel reveal everything that he has given to Mr. Chang; some of which he revealed only now. Aside from the money he gave him during their meeting in his previous vlog, Basel also gave him Php 50,000 for him to pay his supplier. And the biggest investment he gave him so far? A Korean mini-mart worth Php 5 million pesos and he was told he’ll receive 20% of the income!

Despite all his efforts, Mr. Chang still appears pitiful in Bobby’s YT channel because he wants to get sympathy from people.

Image capture of video by The Hungry Syrian Wanderer via YouTube

“I was helping him big time but I just realized how ungrateful of a person he is and how money is all that matters to him,” Basel said.

The Syrian vlogger said that if Bobby continues to post videos that make him look bad, he will be taking the matter to court.

“My mistake in here is I trusted too fast. I trusted the fact that he is my ‘father’. I trusted the fact that I am his son,” he said.

On the other hand, Bobby released a part 1 video as an answer to Basel’s vlog and he defended himself; saying that a known personality in Las Piñas asked him to help settle Basel and Mr. Chang’s conflict that was why he came into the scene. He also denied getting 10% from Mr. Chang’s daily sales as the Korean vendor said. He is ready to explain himself against all allegations in the court.

Amazingly, Basel told his viewers not to bash or harass Mr. Chang.

“Despite of what you did, my ‘Abeoji’, I forgive you. Stay safe. I’m heartbroken,” he ended his video with those words.

What are your thoughts? Watch Basel’s video here.

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