Watch how Americans reacted when they were asked to try Filipino ‘taho’ for the first time

Image capture of video by Xiamnyc via YouTube, Image via Japan Foodie | Facebook
  • A YouTuber requested some Americans to try ‘taho’ for the first time and they had mixed reactions
  • Many were surprised by the taste that goes beyond its looks
  • Though the taste was appealing, others though were bothered by its texture

Who loves taho? This snack combination of fresh soft/silken tofu, simple syrup, and sago pearl is almost every Filipino’s well-loved dessert being peddled around the neighborhood.

Image via Japan Foodie | Facebook

And as buyers hear the vendor shout “tahooo” in a unique prolonged style, they quickly rush outside; almost leaving their slippers behind. But what if other nationalities are asked to try taho for the first time? Will they like it?

Xiamanyc is an American YouTuber who has a passion for food. In one of his vlogs in 2019, he requested random people in New York City to try taho and well, people had mixed reactions.

For the Americans, it is their first time to eat the food. The majority said that they can associate it with oatmeal.

“It’s not bad. It’s better than it looks. It’s fine. Yeah. I like it. Thanks! It kinda just tastes like oatmeal or something,” said a woman who was skeptical at the beginning because she doesn’t like gelatinous textures.

A woman carrying her pooch said, “It’s good! I don’t know what it reminds me of… Flan?” She then let her dog, Kelso, try it too and he liked it.

Image capture of video by Xiamnyc via YouTube

Xiamanyc met two Chinese ladies and they said that the snack is almost the same as their Chinese tofu pudding.

Only one group was indifferent to the snack. And it was because of its gelatinous texture.

All in all, Xiamanyc found that tofu sweetness is not a thing in America. They were weirded out by its unusual texture but when they tried the food, they were surprised by its flavor. For the Chinese, it was nothing new since they have tried something like that before.

Aside from taho, Xiamanyc also made Americans try halo-halo, sisig and adobo in his other vlogs.

But in the meantime, here’s the video on New Yorkers tasting taho.