YouTuber Raymond Sevilla explains why he continued making videos with Mr. Chang despite an agreement with Basel

Image capture of video by Raymond Sevilla via YouTube
  • The YouTuber who gave Mr. Chang aka Abeoji his salary for their video told his side of the story regarding Basel-Mr. Chang conflict
  • He revealed that he and Basel agreed that he’d not make any videos anymore with Mr. Chang to prevent their issue from escalating
  • However, he broke their deal and explained his reasons for doing so

Basel of The Hungry Syrian Wanderer has spoken about the bitter turn of events on what happened between him and the Korean vendor he helped —  Mr. Chang.

Image capture of video by Raymond Sevilla via YouTube

Basel reveals frustrating turn of events between him and Korean Mr. Chang aka Abeoji : ‘I was betrayed’

On Basel’s vlog, he pointed out a Filipino YouTuber whose film has started an issue with him and Mr. Chang aka Abeoji. That vlogger named Raymond Sevilla aired his side hours after Basel’s video was uploaded on YouTube.

Here are the facts he has stated in his vlog.

Mr. Chang’s reaction to his salary

As promised, Raymond met him to give P7,500 as his salary for their collaboration. Unfortunately, he did not expect that the Korean vendor will be alleging another vlogger who didn’t give him any amount, not even Php 100 after vlogging together. Raymond claimed he edited the video so as not to put any lead referring to Basel. However, netizens were still able to pick it up and it became sensational.

Agreement with Basel

Raymond offered to help Basel and Mr. Chang patch the issue but the Syrian vlogger declined. Instead, they both arrived at an agreement that he will not do videos with Mr. Chang anymore to avoid the issue from getting amplified. However, because Mr. Chang was insistent in wanting to film with him, he broke their agreement and collaborated on another video. However, the vlog was simply about Mr. Chang and his company, plus Bobby visiting Batangas — and nothing about Basel was mentioned.

In the end, Raymond explained why he broke the agreement with Basel.

“Hindi ibig sabihin na kung kaaway ni Basel si Mr. Chang, kaaway ko na rin si Mr. Chang. Hindi porke’t si Mr. Chang, sinisiraan si Basel ay ako rin dapat sisiraan ko na rin si Basel,” Raymond justified.

Secondly, Mr. Chang agreed not to talk anything bad about Basel in the video; thus, their filming was pushed.

“My message to Basel, just continue what you are doing. Nothing will change kahit na ‘yong channel ko ay flooded with negative comments,” Raymond stated.

Image capture of video by Raymond Sevilla via YouTube

He also gave messages to Chong Bobby and Mr. Chang.”Tigilan n’yo na. Nakiusap naman ako sa inyo eh na parang wala kasing magandang maidudulot. It will just spread negativity.”

On the other hand, Basel clarified in his vlog that he has nothing against Raymond, which the latter is thankful for.

What do you think? Could this issue have been prevented if Raymond had avoided making videos with Mr. Chang?

Watch his full video here.