Do not wrap broken glass in newspapers, place them in empty jars and bring them here instead

Image via Green Dream Foundation | Facebook
  • Broken glass is sometimes dumped in the garbage, putting our waste collection people at risk of being hurt
  • A non-profit organization accepts them for recycling as long as they are put inside clean empty glass jars
  • This organization has many offices across 57 countries globally which does not only do charity works but also pushes for a greener environment

Breaking a glass is inevitable. Yes, they do happen sometimes no matter how careful we are.

Image via Pixabay

But how do you dispose of them properly?

Well, some of us would set them aside in a safe place away from being stepped upon by others while some wrap them in layers of newspaper and throw them in the waste bin. But do you know that a non-profit foundation accepts broken glass?

Green Dream Foundation shared on Facebook that Tzu Chi Foundation accepts them but only if you put them in glass jars.

“We need to be considerate to those who work in waste collection. The good thing is glass is recyclable and it will turn into glass again,” the organization added on their post.

Indeed, this is a safer way to let go of broken glass without putting our garbage collectors at risk. This then leads to another reminder to keep empty jars for future use.

Image via Green Dream Foundation | Facebook

“If you have empty jars, keep them because you might need them to fill your broken glass. Also, make sure the jars are clean. Please don’t wrap in the newspapers, it causes so many accidents as glass goes through newspapers.”

The Philippines is one of the 57 countries where local arms of the Tzu Chi Foundation exist. The non-profit organization was founded in 1966 in Taiwan by Dharma Master Cheng Yen, a Buddhist nun.

According to its website, their mission is to give material aid and inspire love and humanity in both the givers and receivers.

Aside from charity works, accepting recyclable materials such as paper, cartons, broken glass, aluminum, plastic bottles, broken appliances and old furniture, is also among their campaigns. To those who would like to donate, you can bring your donations/recyclables to 76 Cordillera corner Agno St, Dona Josefa, Quezon City.

You may visit their Facebook page here for more information.