Watch: Employee reveals a ‘shocking’ truth on what’s behind the scene of a drive-thru station

Image capture of video by zandergjura via TikTok, Image via Canva
  • A fast-food employee made a TikTok video on what’s behind the scenes of a drive-thru station
  • He revealed that he can see customers through a camera and that all the staff have headsets
  • However, what is more shocking is that other employees claim they can hear almost anything, even your fart

Have you ever wondered what the staff can see and hear as we order our food at a drive-thru station? It isn’t just our face and voice talking to them but everything. Yes, they do and knowing the truth will make you feel a bit worried.

Image capture of video by zandergjura via TikTok

A TikTok and Reddit user who is a fast-food employee earned more than a million views for revealing secrets we wish we have known earlier.

Apparently, @zandergjura works at a Starbucks drive-thru and shared a glimpse of the behind the scenes as customers order their drinks.

In one of his videos, he revealed he can actually view customers through a camera. The moment they pull down the window, they can see their faces, whether they are happy or disappointed after being in a queue for a long time.

But what is more shocking is that it isn’t just him who has a headset but everyone else in the store! That means our voice isn’t just heard by only one person but all of them. But that’s not yet the toughest secret of all.

Do you know that as you pull down the window and your car is positioned right in front of the super-sensitive mic it can pick up almost any audio from you? Yes, every discussion and even your fart!

Image capture of video by zandergjura via TikTok

In the comments section, many employees shared that they have heard even the most personal conversations from customers and their passengers. They have learned people complaining about the long queue, talking about abortion, medical issues, sex and drugs. And if your car is on Bluetooth, they can even hear your phone conversation. How embarrassing is that?

With that, one employee advised that we better roll down the window after they have taken our order.

So how does this make you feel after learning this? It’s a bit scary and intimidating though. But it teaches us a lesson to be careful of our words the next time we order in a drive-thru. Agree?

You may watch the viral TikTok video here.

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