Better to be safe than sorry: Here are 4 easy ways on how to child-proof your electrical outlets

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  • Open electrical outlets can pose risks to kids who are curious about their surroundings
  • Better secure these items to prevent hazards of electric shock
  • Check the following tips and hacks on how to child-proof them

The news about a 2-year-old boy, Jake Angara, who suffered from an electrical shock when he inserted a metal spoon in an outlet is a stern reminder to all parents with kids.

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How do you prevent this from happening in your own home?

We gathered tips and hacks all over the internet to give you many options which you can try.

No extension cords

First, avoid using extension cords. Aside from tipping over the wires, kids may play with it. They might poke the outlet with objects or their own fingers.   If it is unavoidable, we suggest using a power cord socket case cable organizer. It acts as a housing that can hold the socket while plugs are inserted.  This is best for power strips. This way the outlets and plugs are hidden, taking it away from your kids’ attention.

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Socket covers

For your wall socket, you can insert socket covers that are readily available in hardware or grocery shops. It is the cheapest alternative to child-proof your outlet. Or you may install an outlet that comes with a cover.

Lately, some parents shared their DIY covers made of plastic containers. This conceals the whole outlet and plugs plus it has a firm cover too which cannot be easily removed by your kids.

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Install sockets higher than usual

Wall sockets are sometimes installed more than a foot from the finished floor level. This can be easily reached by your crawling babies or curious toddlers. If you want long-term protection, install it higher than usual.


You don’t want to be concealing all your electrical outlets forever. The key here is to educate your children on why they need to keep themselves away from trouble and what happens if they don’t.

Of course, no protection is 100% reliable so the best thing to do is to always keep an eye on your kids or have somebody watch over them when you are busy.