Man creates lovely sling bags from used soft drink cans

Image via Tharinee Kedsopa | Facebook
  • In Thailand, empty soft drink cans are getting much attention after a man found a way to repurpose them into sling bags
  • People love his creation that orders are starting to pile up yet some are willing to wait no matter how long it takes
  • A concerned individual is also helping him gather can donations to support his source of living

What do you do with empty soft drink cans? Perhaps they easily land in our garbage bins after use.

Image via Tharinee Kedsopa | Facebook

Though it is recyclable, not every place has recycling centers so there’s still the possibility of it being dumped in our landfills.

But in Thailand, aluminum cans are getting harder to find. It’s because a man from Sampheng has found a way to repurpose soft drink cans. They are made into fashionable bags of different sizes. And they look so cute that bulk buyers are piling up their orders and the man has a hard time catching up. Patience is truly a must for every anxious customer. And take note, these are handmade, created with love and creativity.

Bags can be ordered from 60-100 Thai Baht or roughly Php 96 – 160. Very affordable, isn’t it?

Image via Tharinee Kedsopa | Facebook

One customer described her purchase, “The bag is very cute. It’s very strong. It can be used for long strap. It can be adjusted to the length. If you don’t like the strap, you can change it yourself. It’s like the example There are two sizes. Me and my friend bought both style.”

A woman named Tharinee Kedsopa has been helping the man receive can donations for his bag making. A customer who ordered a bag through her praised her efforts and is willing to wait no matter how long her order is done.

“Body and heart are beautiful. This person. Thank you for being a part of helping uncle to earn more income. But uncle’s bag is really beautiful. I will wait no matter how long I want it, “ the customer said.

Image via Tharinee Kedsopa | Facebook

Well, you really have to manage your expectations since these are used cans already and some have minor scratches. Yet the impact it brought to the Thai people is really significant. It increases their awareness in reducing waste plus giving also their fellow man a chance to earn.

There are many ways to recycle and repurpose some of our waste like plastic and aluminum. All it needs is initiative and support from the community. Hopefully, we can copy this in our country.