Meet the cutest gasoline station furry ambassadors in town; they even have own IDs

Image via Lisa Cochico Acob | Facebook
  • Two dogs became official ambassadors as the shop owner gave them IDs to show they are officially part of their team
  • Years back, when the shop just opened, these dogs would hang out with the employees for free food and some playtime
  • The shop owner, who is also into dogs – finally adopted them; giving them a better life

Animals co-exist with humans as pets with no problem.  Why not in the workplace too?

Image via Lisa Cochico Acob | Facebook

In Bgy. Lumangbayan, Calapan, Oriental Mindoro, two dogs finally became a part of a gasoline station’s crew. And to prove it is legit, the shop owner gave them IDs.

Prince and Bodyguard are two aspins who are no longer strangers in a Petron Gasoline station owned by the Acob family.

In a story written by the Animal Kingdom Foundation Facebook Page, it was in 2018 when the Acob Family opened their gasoline station. These strays would often visit their shop for free food and fun time with the employees.

Seeing the happiness the two dogs bring to their family and workers, without any doubt, they adopted them.

The dogs would stay at the station the whole day. In the morning, they are inside the business shop, while in the evening, they act as watchers joining the security guards in their duty.

In January, they received their official IDs as proof that they are considered family members and part of the company. Their position? Ambassadors!

Two good-looking aspins became instant celebrities as their photos wearing their IDs became popular on social media. It has caught the attention of a dog food brand, Topbreed and in February, they visited the dogs to give them a little surprise.  Through its representatives, the company gave a sack of dog food, food bowls and shampoo. Wow!

Image via Lisa Cochico Acob | Facebook

Animal lovers who read their story were happy with the news and swooned at the same time by their handsomeness.

Pamela Joyce Jara praised the owner for her kind heart.

“Thank you for what you do for Prince and Bodyguard. Hope many business owners will do the same and adopt community stray pets.”

Indeed, in the comment section, we saw images of other dogs who became legit members of the company/team. This means to say that more and more people have considered dogs not just as pets but they can be “employees” as well.

Congratulations, Prince and Bodyguard!