Philmar Alipayo admired for being a responsible partner and great dad on family’s vlog: ‘Di na kailangan utusan’

Image capture of video by Happy Islanders via YouTube
  • Andi’s latest vlog is all about candid moments on what happens in a day while having a newborn
  • Besides netizens complimenting their kids’ adorable personalities, much of the praises were also given to Philmar
  • Watch their video and find out why they Philmar a responsible partner and great father to their kids

For moms, the newborn days could be the most tiring. A helping hand from your partner would really keep you smiling and enjoying motherhood.

Image capture of video by Happy Islanders via YouTube

Andi Eigenmann’s latest family vlog “Newborn Days! At Home With Our Little Boy” features candid moments of the happy islanders as they spend their time together at home. On top of her kids’ cuteness, their fans were delighted to see, Philmar Aliipayo earned a lot of remarkable compliments too. Why? He helps a lot in the house. Who doesn’t want a husband like that?

“Si Philmar ang asawang tipong walang sakit sa ulo, wala kang stress at no need na utusan,” Michelle Libaguin commented on their YouTube video.

“Good men like Philmar is hard to find, ‘yong mga lalaking masipag sa gawaing bahay,” Maria Victoria Subong reacted.

“Wow. Ganyan ang mga responsableng lalaki—masipag sa gawaing bahay. ‘Di na kailangan utusan. Naglalaba, alaga sa babies at siya pa ata lagi nagpapaligo sa newborn. Mahirap na hanapin ganyang klase ng lalaki. Ang swerte ni Andi o vice versa. Galing,” Yvonne Alvarez said.

These are just a few of the praises Philmar received from their viewers.

You just have so much to watch out for about him in their vlog. He can be seen handwashing his white shirt in the toilet which Andi amusingly said,” Yan ang favorite hobby.” On one part he was folding their clothes.

Philmar is also a hands-on dad. He takes charge of giving their newest baby, Koa a bath. We will also see him give his time to Ellie. They record TikTok videos together and he plays with her like his own daughter.

Imade capture of video by Happy Islanders via YouTube

Plus who wouldn’t want a natural clown in the house? Philmar entertains them with his crazy dance moves and the family loves it.

Of course, when Andi wants someone to cheer her up from postpartum depression he is there for her. She recalled that when she was feeling blue during her birth with Lilo, Philmar would remind her that “this phase will really go by very quickly”. Learning from that, she chose to enjoy her time now with Koa being a newborn.

Their 9-minute long video has still so much to show yet their fans still want more. It’s undeniable that they have been an inspiration by others who want a simple yet happy loving family.

So go checkout their vlog here.

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