Pinoy artist creates the biggest abstract painting in the country

Image via Lloyd Rt | Facebook
  • An artist has created the largest abstract painting in the country and it is on display at a billboard in EDSA
  • He is a native of Negros Occidental and is the son of one of the Philippine Art Gallery artists
  • Read below to get to know more about him on how he shifted to painting as well as his other line of work

The National Arts Month 2021 kicked off in February and artists seized the opportunity to showcase their works.

Image via Lloyd Rt | Facebook

One of them is Lloyd Tronco, an abstractionist who just made history in the country for having the biggest abstract painting. The gigantic acrylic on vinyl masterpiece measures 62 feet high by 40 feet wide, and due to its size, no art museum could ever accommodate it. It is currently on display on a billboard structure in EDSA situated in Mandaluyong City at the corner of EDSA and Ortigas Avenues for the whole month of February.

He named his work, “Alab ng Sining” which is very much related to this year’s National Arts Month theme- “Alab Sining, Alay Sigla”.

Lloyd Tronco is from Bacolod, Negros Occidental and is the son of Larry Tronco; one of the Philippine Art Gallery artists. His father was a former teacher and art director at the University of Santo Tomas and also specialized in abstract art which Lloyd would describe as “more gentle and calculated work”.

Originally, Lloyd’s dream was to be an architect. He even spent a semester in architecture at the University of the Philippines. He shied away from Fine Arts because he felt that his father’s shoes were too big to fill. But eventually, his passion for art and the inherent genes of an artist made him take Fine Arts Major in Advertising.

Image via Lloyd Rt | Facebook

His influence from his father started at a very young age. He was being tagged along in his father’s exhibition openings in the mid-1970s. In summer, Lloyd would help his family’s advertising business. They would paint San Miguel Beer billboards on galvanized iron.

His early triumphs in art were during his high school years at the Philippine Science High School. On their graduation, he was awarded a medal for Excellence in Art by the former first lady Imelda Marcos.

Today, Lloyd isn’t just a plain artist. But he is also a writer, certified digital marketer, advertising executive and a media strategist.  If you are interested in his works, you may visit his website here.