Soon-to-be-mama dog spreads good vibes in amazing maternity photoshoot

Image via Caitlin Snyman | Facebook, Image via khloethejackrussell | Instagram
  • Maternity photography is common among expecting moms these days
  • But a fur parent decided her pregnant dog will have her own photo session too
  • The pictures were perfect that netizens praised them both for a job well done

Life’s most precious moments are best documented in photos. So for an expecting mom, a photo session to remember your baby bump would be a great idea.

Image via Pixabay

We all think this trend is just for humans; however, animals aren’t exempted. One fur parent named Caitlin Snyman did a maternity photoshoot for her Jack Russel Terrier, Khloe, and it has swooned many animal lovers on social media.

It was on January 19 when she announced on Facebook that she just found out that Khloe will be having four puppies in the weeks to come. And because she is special, Caitlin took her a couple of images.

“I couldn’t resist and gave Khloe a maternity shoot. Her puppies will be here in just a few days! I will be sharing her litter updates in our new group at Khloe’s Short Jack Russells,” she posted her photo on February 2.

Image via Caitlin Snyman | Facebook

Her photos were so beautiful and not to mention it could move any pet owner because of how cute she was.

Khloe appeared wearing a pink and white flower necklace. She stood sideways against a pink floral background showing her baby bump that is about to pop very soon.

In another image found on her Instagram account, she’s laying on a pink furry bed showing her tummy with her eyes closed as if feeling that moment. So adorable!

This post was shared with Furr Lovers PH and netizens loved it. Besides Khloe acting like a professional model, credits were also given to her fur parent.

“It’s really a joy seeing fur parents who go for an extra mile in attending to their furbabies like this. It paints a smile even to those who are lonely. Thank you! All the best! God Bless,” Karla Reteracion reacted to her post.

Image via khloethejackrussell | Instagram

We think Khloe is very lucky indeed for having a creative and caring mom.

It’s only a few days away from now before Khloe’s puppies arrive. We hope it will be smooth and easy. Good luck!