Andi Eigenmann shares insights about self-love, says she attracted positivity and happiness with acceptance

Image via andieigengirl | Instagram
  • Andi Eigenmann talked about self-love again on her Instagram account
  • The happy islander reiterates that she has accepted herself the way she is and loved herself more, more than others loving her
  • It was only then that she attracted positivity and happiness and gave back to those she cares about

While others do the best they can to cover their freckles and hide their body imperfections, Andi Eigenmann has long been unbothered by it.

Image via andieigengirl | Instagram

Every now and then she talks about self-love and just recently, she gave an insight about it again. Accompanying her thoughts is a photo of her face; raw but naturally beautiful.

On her Instagram account, she posted her views and titled it “Self- love is real love.”

She stated, “Time and again I’ve said, you can’t pour an empty cup. Over the years I’ve learned how important it is to focus on yourself and loving yourself (more than the idea of someone else loving you).“

In 2018, Andi revealed that she finally got tired of hating her body and accepted herself for who she is. She admitted that ever since she was not confident about herself and has struggled with a lot of insecurities. She would say that she isn’t tall, her legs are short and her arms are chubby.

To make herself happy, she would party a lot and drink. But everything changed when she stepped back from showbiz and focused on what she wants — living a life by the sea, away from the limelight. Her lifestyle has changed and she was able to get rid of her bad habits. With this, she has focused more on self-care without the pressure to look perfect and having other’s approval.

“It wasn’t until I accepted myself for who I am– yes! Flaws and all, that I was able to attract positivity and light and happiness and give that back to those I love,” she added on her post.

Image via andieigengirl | Instagram

Despite her past, she’s not ashamed of it because it made her who she is now.

“This is why I will never be ashamed of who I was, because it has made me who and what I am today. And what I am is happy. Still not perfect. But happy,” she continued on her Instagram post.

Andi Eigenmann now lives happily at Siargao Island with fiance Philmar Alipayo and her 3 kids — Ellie, Lilo and Koa.