Deep Nostalgia: A technology that brings realistic animation to your old photos is now possible with AI

Image capture of video by MyHeritage via Twitter
  • A genealogy website can now give animation to the still images of your ancestors with the help of AI
  • The feature makes impressive realistic movements like blinking, smiling and moving of the head
  • Read on to know how this works as well as how to start using this feature

Want to see your great grandmother smile, blink her eyes and move her head? It can now be possible with the latest technology feature, Deep Nostalgia from MyHeritage.

The genealogy website which is a leading global discovery platform for exploring family history, relatives and the like uses the power of AI to bring your photos to life. The technology was licensed by MyHeritage from D-ID, a company specializing in video reenactment using deep learning. Upload a photo, apply the animation and within 20 seconds, the video will start playing.  And if you are really that curious, you can try them on Mona Lisa, Michelangelo, or any other iconic personality in the past and seeing them move is simply magical or maybe creepy for some.

How does it work?

A pre-recorded driver video is applied to your uploaded image and the person in the photo “follows” the movements.  With that, the person in the image can look at you, move his head from side to side, and smile. Definitely, it can bring back the memories you once had with that person.

It can work well with black and white and colored photos. MyHeritage also has a feature that enhances old photos to produce a better resolution image. If you haven’t done that yet, it is automatically applied when you try Deep Nostalgia for you to enjoy high-quality, realistic video footage.

The app will also let you share your sample to your different social media sites.

In the first 5 days since the feature was launched, it nearly had 5 million users. And within the first 48 hours since launch, over 1 million photos were animated. And on its 1st week, the numbers climbed to 8 million!

To use it, you need to register using your Facebook or Google account. To animate an unlimited number of photos, you need to have a paid subscription. Though you can still enjoy a few samples with a free/basic account.

MyHeritage is available for both Android and iOs users.