Look: Mariel Padilla loses 42 pounds, shares secret through her vlog

Image via Mariel Rodriguez Padilla | Facebook
  • Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla shared on her vlog how she managed to lose so much weight in 3 months
  • Eating healthy foods with the right portion control is one secret she revealed as taught by her nutritionist
  • With that, she revealed what food she eats and how to prepare them

Mariel Rodriguez Padilla finally revealed her secret on how she lost 42 pounds off her weight.

Image capture of video by Mariel Padilla via YouTube

At her heaviest, Mariel was at 197 pounds and on her latest vlog, she was happy to share that she dropped to 155 pounds!

Her secret? Effective dieting through the right portioning. She sought the help of a nutritionist, Nadine Tengco, to help her with the foods she can eat.

With that, Mariel shared a few recipes that are part of her diet.

One is Kani salad which is also her husband Robin’s favorite. Another is a dish inspired by the BBQ chicken salad of CPK (California Pizza Kitchens). But instead of frying or grilling the chicken breast for this recipe, she steamed it for a healthier version.

Aside from the right food, Mariel also suggests using the right kitchen equipment. Among the appliances she used are the glass blender, heavy-duty professional blender and steamer all made by Tough Mama and can be purchased on major e-commerce websites.

As we all know, Mariel initially struggled in breastfeeding her firstborn, Isabella. To solve her low milk supply, she needed to eat more; the reason why she gained a lot of pounds. It is the same scenario with her second, Gabriela, but she is determined to face her post-baby weight out.

So on December 1, 2020, after she finished her one-year goal of breastfeeding Gabriella, she officially started her weight loss journey. She weighed 88.6kg; the heaviest she has ever been in her life.

Image capture of video by Mariel Padilla via Facebook

On her first weight loss journey, what helped her gain her old body back was a three-day visit at Marie France in a week. But this time, she will rely mostly on her discipline to help her achieve her goal.

So to everyone who plans to achieve a healthy weight, Mariel has some reminders.

“Remember that portion control is the key. Set a goal for yourself and stick to that goal. Eye on the prize.”

Want to know how to prepare those recipes? Check her vlog here.

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