Mother knows best: Mama cat brings sick kittens to the vet’s office for checkup

Image capture of video by UKLE TV via YouTube
  • In Turkey, a mama cat brought her kittens to a vet’s office
  • Doctors checked the kittens and found out that they have eye problems
  • Treatment was given and soon after recovery the cats were put up for adoption

One brave mama cat definitely knew how to seek help for her little ones. The incident was filmed on camera and it had since gone viral.

Image capture of video by UKLE TV via YouTube

This happened in the Karabaglar municipality in Turkey when a mama cat arrived at a vet’s clinic carrying her kitten in her mouth. At first, the veterinarians in the western province of Izmir didn’t get the message on what the feline was trying to say. But the mother cat left and came back with her second kitten. She then meowed for a long time which finally made the vets check on them.

Upon examination, they noticed that the kittens’ eyes were swollen and they had difficulty opening it. The kittens got eye infections and the doctors immediately rendered treatment.

The cat is not new to their office. In fact, they reportedly feed her regularly. However, the vets did not know that she had given birth.

After treatment, the cats were turned over to the veterinary department of the municipality for their recovery, and soon after, they were put up for adoption.

Many similar stories of mother cats asking help from humans previously went viral on the internet. In April 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey, a mother cat entered a hospital with a sick kitten clutched in its mouth. Medics rushed to the kitten to help. This heartwarming story has earned the hearts of animal lovers around the world.

Image capture of video by UKLE TV via YouTube

Another cat in Turkey came to a hospital to ask for help because she was about to deliver her babies.

It seems that cats in Turkey are confident to connect with humans because, in that country, strays are well taken cared of. Almost every household leaves a food container outside their property for the strays to eat and drink.

But above all, the urge to do something for their little ones is a mother’s instinct. They can’t bear seeing their babies unwell.

Watch the clip here.