Quick thinking: Delivery driver hastily climbs towards roof to rescue falling toddler

Image via Nguyen Ngoc Manh | Facebook, Image capture of video by Unicanal via Twitter
  • A delivery driver saw a toddler hanging at a balcony 12 floors up in a complex in Vietnam
  • He quickly climbed towards the roof where the toddler could possibly fall
  • He managed to reach his target spot where he caught the falling girl 

A three-year-old toddler in Vietnam was saved after a fall from the 12th floor of a building. Her hero? A delivery rider who was in the area waiting to deliver his package.

Image capture of video by Unicanal via Twitter

On February 28, people saw a little girl hanging from the 12th floor of a building at Nguyen Huy Tuong Street in Hanoi. Nguyen Ngoc Manh, 31, was on the ground in his truck waiting to deliver his package. He heard a woman and child screaming but brushed it off since he thought the child was only having a tantrum.

But then he noticed that people on the streets have started to panic so he rolled down his window and gazed to where the people were looking. It was then he saw that a toddler was already dangling in the air, almost 50m above the ground.

Image capture of video via Webtintuc website

He quickly jumped off his truck and went to the scene. He climbed onto a two-meter high tile roof that covers the electric generators for the complex and situated himself to where the little girl might land. He couldn’t stand firmly since the roof was bowed.

And within a minute the toddler lost her grip off the balcony. Manh flung forward. Though he was not able to fully catch the girl, he prevented her from falling again from the roof. The impact of his weight was quite hard that he dented a part of the roof.

The toddler didn’t cry but there was blood  coming out of her mouth. Manh, a father of two, comforted her.

The toddler was immediately brought to the National Children’s Hospital and doctors treated her for a dislocated hip. Luckily, no other serious injuries were found. Manh, on the other hand, suffered a sprain on his hand.

Image via Nguyen Ngoc Manh | Facebook

Manh became an instant hero on social media. Yet, he doesn’t consider himself one since, according to him, anybody would do the same in that situation.

He began to receive random messages from people wanting to thank and praise him. Others even sent him money through his number. However, Manh said in an interview by VN Express that it bothers him since he doesn’t like receiving money which he didn’t earn himself.

The little girl was lucky to be saved. Meanwhile, this story is also a reminder to never leave your toddlers unattended.

Watch a clip of the incident here.