Sharon Cuneta reveals stylist Fanny Serrano needs lots of prayers for his healing

Image capture of video by Sharon Cuneta via Facebook, Image via Felix Mariano Fausto Jr. | Facebook
  • Sharon Cuneta revealed in her video that stylist Fanny Serrano has suffered a serious health problem
  • The incident was supposed to be a private matter but she opened it up to her fans to ask for prayers
  • In 2016, the stylist suffered the same episode and has miraculously recovered from it

Sharon Cuneta turned to social media on Tuesday, March 16, to spill shocking news which was supposed to be a private matter.

Image capture of video by Sharon Cuneta via Facebook

The Megastar became emotional as she talked in a video; saying that her friend, celebrity stylist Fanny Serrano, just had a massive stroke. She asked her fans to pray for his healing.

“Hi guys, it’s me again. I’m still not feeling so well, but it’s a private thing supposedly, but I can’t, there’s no way around it. I really would just like to ask for your prayers because Tita Fanny Serrano had a massive stroke today,” Sharon spoke in a video.

According to her, Fanny is receiving treatment and is conscious.

Sharon described him as someone who is like a family to her for a very long time.

“I’m sorry but I need — prayers work wonders talaga, so can you just please, please pray for Tita Fanny? I love him so much. He’s been like a family to me for three decades. please, Please pray for him, his healing. Thank you so much.”

Image via Felix Mariano Fausto Jr. | Facebook

This is not the first time that the hairstylist  experienced such an episode of health issues. In September 2016, he was brought to the Philippine Heart Center in Quezon City after his secretary noticed he was having a stroke. Fanny was able to get through it and described his recovery as a miracle.

Dubbed as one of the country’s “Pioneers of Beauty”, Fanny Serrano’s real name is Felix Mariano Fausto Jr. He started his career as a makeup artist and hairstylist during the 70’s. He became an early breadwinner when his parents separated.

The stylist is also a fashion designer and has also acted in some movies. He runs a makeup line named FS Cosmetics.

Watch Sharon’s video here.