Tired of patting your baby’s back to help him sleep? This cat fish toy can do the job

Image capture of video by yezzha14 via TikTok
  • A viral video on social media gave moms the idea of how to save time and energy in helping their babies sleep
  • It is with the help of a cat fish toy wherein its flopping motion mimics a mom’s hand patting a baby’s bottom
  • The majority of moms find this hack amusing while others think this is just for the lazy ones

For moms, tapping the baby’s back is one of the effective ways to help put their babies to sleep. But with everything else that they are busy with, doing this can be so tiring sometimes especially if they are sleepy too.

Image capture of video by As Seen on TV Store via YouTube

But here’s a fun hack that has been shared on social media sites. No one would ever think that a toy originally made for a cat can do the trick. Yes, it’s a battery-operated fish toy that slaps up and down and it looks effective in doing the job!

A TikTok video shared by Yezzha Nhor Moral on Facebook has this example. The toy fish is seen inserted on a gap at the back of the baby’s outfit and its flopping motion mimics a parent’s hand patting a baby’s bottom. There goes the little one sleeping peacefully; saving you time and energy. You can probably leave it there until the battery runs out.

Image capture of video by yezzha14 via TikTok

But what do moms say about this?

This drew various reactions among parents. The majority find it cute and funny. Of course, just think about what a fish could be doing on your baby’s back and it will surely make you laugh especially for those who thought it was a real fish.

“Hahaahha.. Nakapahinga nang konti ‘yung nanay. Paggising ni baby saka n’ya paksiw yung isda,” said Yezzha Nhor Moral.

Others would want to give it a try but for some, this is only for the lazy ones.

Image capture of video by Khilona Ghar Pakistan via Facebook

We searched the internet to see how much this toy costs. A retail toy company in Australia, Kmart, sells it for $12 while it can also be bought locally from an e-commerce website for only Php 179.

What do you think, mommies? Would you want to give this a try?

Watch the video here.

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