Little boy receives pay from electricians after hounding them with questions, offers to help

Image via Laura-Nicole Anderson | Facebook
  • A mother thought her boy was troublesome to electricians who were working at their home; for bugging them with questions and offers to help
  • The company gave his son a payment instead for his services
  • The mother, blown away by this, shared to social media how the company is still kind despite the situation we are in

We all know the feeling of not wanting to be disturbed when we are working on a very important task. We want to stay focused and easily get annoyed when we’re distracted.

Image via Laura-Nicole Anderson | Facebook

However, a group of electricians who rendered their services to a family took it differently. They rewarded the family’s kid instead with a payslip. On March 27, the mother, Laura-Nicole Anderson shared on Facebook about the little surprise.

“Quite possibly the sweetest act of kindness I’ve ever seen!!!!

We have had the electricians in every other week for the past 6 weeks and Theo has been obsessed with them!!! He has hounded them with questions, kindness and constant offers of help!!

I laughed that they would be sick of the sight of us and happy when the work was finished.

One of them popped over today to finish something quickly and surprised Theo with this!!!

His first ever job.”

Along with the story, Laura shared a photo of her son’s first-ever payslip amounting to  £ 15!

On the description on the payslip, Theo got paid for £ 1.50 each on the following services like measuring of items, counting and adding up number of sockets, catering, excellent volunteering and his constant bugging in asking questions gets paid too for £ 9! Isn’t that cute?

Image via Seytons Electrical | Facebook

Laura was amazed by what the workers from Seytons Electrical have done.

“So lovely of them isn’t it!!! It’s nice to see people are still kind in a world that’s so upside down!” she replied on someone’s comment.

Seytons Electrical received praises and cheers for their kind act and it has also expressed its gratitude on its social media account.

“Wow!!! Guys, seriously thank you all for your support! This is genuinely unbelievable! Feel like we’re in another world! Cannot believe this. You are all unbelievably kind! Wish we could thank each and every one of you personally!”

Theo has happily spent some of his “wage” on an Easter egg for his brother.

Indeed whatever we are going through right now, it is never a reason to stop sharing our blessings with others. A simple act of appreciation could mean a lot to others.