Senior dog on a sled left with a note saying ‘unable to walk’ makes a dramatic recovery

Image capture of video by Paws Nation via YouTube
  • A senior dog was left aboard a sled near a shelter’s door
  • Alongside him was a note that said he was already ten years old and can no longer walk
  • The shelter gave him treatment and a better him slowly unfolds as he recovers and finally lands a new home

Even dogs grow to become seniors which means the time will come when they need better care due to health conditions. Unfortunately, not everyone is prepared for this inevitable stage in a dog’s life. The result? They tend to escape the responsibility and surrender these dogs at   shelters…or sadly, elsewhere; without anyone to look after them.

Image capture of video by Paws Nation via YouTube

Exactly the fate of a senior dog which was left in a yard near the front door of  Wanderers” Rest Humane Association in Canastota, New York, back in June 2020. He was found aboard a sled and left with a container of water and a note which read  “over 10 years old, can no longer walk.” The heartless owner must have left him overnight and the poor dog has no idea what fate  awaits him.

Luckily, the dog was taken by the shelter and given the much-needed love and care. They named him Perry.

The shelter shared the story of Perry on Facebook; hoping someone could recognize him. They also expressed their dismay at how he was left alone in the cold. They hope that people can learn from this incident.

Fortunately, people responded and donated funds to handle Perry’s medical treatment. He was found to have two tick-borne issues and severe skin infections.

Image capture of video by Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association via Facebook

A month later, the senior dog has slowly recovered. In one update posted by the shelter, they said that he could stand on his own and walk with assistance. In a later post, the foster parent shared he can go upstairs and only needs help when going down.

But the happiest news of all is that Perry has found a fur mom. The shelter revealed that he would be adopted in September by someone named Donna, who has experience with senior dogs. Finally, Perry will be in better hands in his retirement.

Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment so before you decide to get one, make sure you are ready for the responsibility.