Pinoy OFW nominated by his boss receives brand new car from a social media celebrity

Image capture of video by Supercar Blondie via YouTube
  • A hardworking Filipino office assistant received a brand new car in a contest by an automotive vlogger and social media celebrity
  • He was nominated by his boss, who values him so much as part of her team and knows his struggles as well in life
  • On the day of the giveaway, he thought they would have a photoshoot with his officemates; unaware that a grand surprise was waiting for him

In October 2020, an Australian celebrity in Dubai gave her Filipina employee cash to pay her son’s tuition. In 2021, she surprised another Filipino with a brand new car.

Image capture of video by Supercar Blondie via YouTube

Supercar Blondie or Alex Hirschi in real life held a giveaway contest on Instagram in cooperation with Hyundai in which winners will receive one of the 3 new cars.

After screening 2,787 emails, the lucky recipient turned out to be Jeric, a Filipino office assistant in Dubai whom his boss, Abir, nominated.

In an interview, Abir recalled how Jeric came to Dubai. She narrated that, three years ago, Jeric secured a job at one business center in Dubai with his brother-in-law and sister’s help.

For her, Jeric isn’t just an office assistant but also a part of her main team that she values so much. She said that Jeric has a memory of an elephant and can memorize everyone’s orders with zero mistakes.

“Jeric has some health issues. I’m not at liberty to discuss it today. If I had the help and the capabilities, I’ll always choose Jeric,” she added.

On the day of the turnover, Jeric thought they would be having a photoshoot with his teammates. He and some employees, including his boss, Abir, went to the parking lot when suddenly Supercar Blondie appeared. Jeric has only one answer when asked how he was feeling — ”Starstruck.”

Image capture of video by Supercar Blondie via YouTube

He had no idea yet of the big surprise that was waiting for him until he was made to turn around and a new Hyundai Elantra was dashing before him. Jeric was emotional. He called his mom to share the good news and she almost couldn’t believe it.

He told Supercar Blondie that he messaged his mom just to check on her earlier that day as  she is alone in the Philippines since the time his dad departed. He dedicated his car to his mom, who is his inspiration for his hard work.

Supercar Blondie is an Australian online celebrity, presenter and vlogger in Dubai. She is famous for her automotive content viewed by more than 5 million subscribers on her YouTube account.

Watch the video here.