Paying it Forward

November 21, 2013 Kicker Daily News 1

I the recent two weeks, we’ve seen the entire world pull together for the victims of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). Help came from people of different countries, different cultures, different religions, and are still coming in. [Read More]


The Pale Blue Dot

November 18, 2013 Kicker Daily News 0

A fitting reminder that we only have one earth. Experts believe that super typhoon Yolanda was caused by global warming.  We need to take care of our home. According to Wikipedia, “The Pale Blue Dot [Read More]


Man with Amazing Dance Moves

October 31, 2013 Kicker Daily News 0

This is Youtube user “JustSomeMotion”, the Music is called “All Night” by Parov Stelar. JustSomeMotion says: “For those who asked for a tutorial: I’m planing to do so. About a special move or sth. Maybe [Read More]